Coming Soon: The official Sound On Sight Doctor Who Podcast

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One of this year’s most eagerly anticipated events, Doctor Who series 6 is set to begin on April 23rd on BBC One,  BBC America, and of course, Space.

Watch the rather creepy preview to series six below.

As a long time North American fan of the show, being part of a world wide cultural phenomenon is a rather unusual experience for me, because until very recently, I was the only Who fan that I knew.  The show was always a guilty pleasure of mine, full of cellophane monsters, malfunctioning giant spiders and all the other dodgy quirks that come from making a space opera on a soap opera’s budget. And yet, the Doctor’s universe was exciting, funny, charming and emotionally traumatizing enough to grab my imagination early on, making sure that I would always have a soft spot for the adventures of my favorite Timelord, even after the show’s cancellation in 1989.

After the successful re-launch of the series in 2005, it has been wonderfully baffling to see my childhood hero take his rightful place at the head of a cultural juggernaut with a growing legion of fans of all ages. Therefore, following our wildly popular Walking Dead podcast, and in an act of shameless coattail riding, Sound on Sight is pleased to announce the launch of our very own Doctor Who podcast for the duration of its run in 2011.  Check back on Monday, April the 18th for our maiden voyage with the Good Doctor.

Watch the official trailer below.

  1. Derek Gladu says

    I sit corrected, gotta give a shout to the folks at Space!

  2. Chris Burgess says

    Just one question – if you’re from Montreal and a Canadian fan, where’s the love for SPACE?

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