Comic Con Etiquette

Con Etiquette

One of the vendors, dressed as Harley Quinn
One of the vendors, dressed as Harley Quinn

We’re going to talk for a minute about convention etiquette. Apparently, we have to. By the end of the year, I will have attended a personal record number of conventions, and there are a lot of commonalities. In fact, As I write this, I am in Pittsburgh, sitting on the floor of the Monroeville Convention Center. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Some of you may be familiar with my convention tips article from earlier this year, some of you may not. There are a few things that need repeating, but stick with me until the end. Please. Let’s talk, people.

A cosplayer dressed as Raven
A cosplayer dressed as Raven

Don’t harass the women. I’ve said it before. It is the standing rule in every convention guidebook. It is okay to tell the cosplayers they look nice, and maybe ask for a picture. Don’t push it.

Waiting in line. If you’re waiting in line for autographs, try to limit your demands on the celebrity. I’m waiting in line for George Perez right now. And the fact that I can sit here and write this article should tell you something. I feel bad for Mr. Perez. He seems so unhappy. This is a man who clearly cares about his fans, but it seems a lot of fans do not care about him. The man at the table now has a stack of nearly 100 comics (I do not exaggerate here) that he wants Perez to sign. Perez is too kind to turn him away. This ass is simply being discourteous. It is rude to the others who are waiting in line, and it is especially disrespectful to George Perez. We know you’re going to shill these on eBay. We can all tell. The only thing keeping the people in this line from full scale murder of your kind is that we don’t want blood on the comics.

*Sigh* …I need a minute.

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Moving on.

Indie comics are great. Take a minute and look at the tables, chat with the creators. Believe me, indie comics can definitely be worth your time and money.

Artist Jamie Fay, hard at work
Artist Jamie Fay, hard at work

Don’t take up space. It is okay to stop and look, but if you need to dig through your bag, or check your schedule, get out of the way. The floorspace is a walkway, and the area in front of a table is where a dealer will be making his or her money. Generally speaking, there is someone else around willing to pay for what you’re blocking.

Do not punch anyone. This is more a reminder for myself right now, but it is probably good that it applies to everyone. Also, don’t push and shove. If you bump into someone, apologize. It is busy, and you will bump someone, but please don’t be rude.

Bring yourself some snacks. It saves money and time. Nobody needs your pasty ass passed out on the floor

Shower. For the love of god people! And deodorant is a must.

Alright, I’m going back to the line now. Try not to piss me off anymore

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