‘Con Man’ celebrates web series funding record by releasing sneak peek

Con Man

Never underestimate the collective power of Firefly fans. On Wednesday, we reported that Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion, two of the show’s former cast members, were launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for their new comedic web series Con Man. The duo hoped to raise $425,000 for the project, but donations from a rabid swarm of Firefly fans shot above $1.5 million within 48 hours. With 28 days of funding left to go, EW reports that the project has already become the highest-funded web series in history.

Tudyk and Fillion have enough coin to produce ten episodes of Con Man, which revolves around the humorously weird experiences of a former cult sci-fi series actor as he makes his way around the convention circuit. Tudyk stars as Wray Nealy, the brave conventioneer, while Fillion plays Wray’s friend and former co-star Jack Moore, who has since catapulted to major movie stardom.

To thank those who donated to the project, a sneak peak of the series was released via Con Man‘s Indiegogo page. The clip shows Wray Nealy discovering that even the stall of an airport bathroom provides no shelter from devoted fans.

Con Man Teaser Debut from PJ Haarsma on Vimeo.

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