Sundance 2013: Coral: Rekindling Venus

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Coral: Rekindling Venus
Directed by Lynette Wallworth
2013, Australia

The New Frontier selections at Sundance set out to explore the cross section of film, art and technology. It is in that spirit that Coral: Rekindling Venus, inspired in part by astronomer Edmond Halley’s appeal to the international community and subsequent expeditions taken on by a global cohort of scientists in 1761, forgoes the traditional narrative to create a visually stunning and wholly immersive experience, which includes both a full-dome planetary style presentation as well as an augmented reality app available for iOS and Android.

Filmmaker Lynette Wallworth’s visionary approach is both mesmerizing and emotionally resonate, capturing a world more alien than any likely to be found in the latest sci-fi blockbuster and all without the aid of gratuitous computer generated effects. Coral: Rekindling Venus reminds us of that other unexplored frontier and the precious resources that lie beyond the tiny mounds of earth we inhabit.

Coral: Rekindling Venus can be seen daily at the New Frontier exhibition as well as several other venues nationwide, including Salt Lake City’s Clark Planetarium and the Hayden Planetarium in New York City’s American Museum of Natural History. For a full list of venues and screening times visit

-Scott Colquitt

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