Behold The Wonders and Horrors of the Lego Midas Touch in New Short Video


Corridor Digital has been one of my favorite Youtube pages for the past few years now, owing in no small part to they can routinely trounce big studios when it comes to delivering fun, interesting visuals. A small studio based out of LA and started by friends Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer, Corridor have worked on sponsored videos for game releases like Shadow of MordorFar Cry 3: Blood Dragon and more. But personally, I find my favorite videos of theirs are ones that began with a simple, clever visual trick and expanded from there. Look at videos of theirs like Photoreal or Brush With Death for a great example. It’s these kinds of projects that I really love, where an idea is cooked up for an interesting visual gag, and then that gag is explored and played with to fun, interesting effect.

The latest example of this kind of content is Turn Anything Into Lego!, their new video which went up yesterday. Again, it’s a simple enough idea: a guy gains the ability to turn anything he touches into a LEGO construction. It’s a neat idea, one that may remind viewers of that great Skittles Touch ad from a few years back. The video shows off Corridor’s effects wizardry really well, since the LEGO constructs in the video are all actually computer generated. No, they didn’t actually build a full-size car out of LEGO bricks. It’s also a good showcase of their surprisingly dark sense of humor, particularly in that ending. Really, Sam? Twenty bucks? That’s what Niko’s worth to you?

Check out the video for yourself below.

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