Danny Boyle Special: Sound on Sight Podcast # 352

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After helming a celebrated Olympic opening ceremony and taking home truckloads of awards for two straight acclaimed features, UK director Danny Boyle has returned to his grimier, genre-ier roots with Trance, a psychological thriller / heist movie starring James MacAvoy, Rosario Dawson and the inimitable Vincent Cassel. We take this opportunity to also take a look back at Boyle’s theatrical full-length debut, the thoroughly nasty Shallow Grave. We’re joined by special guest Rob Hunter of Film School Rejects.



Them Crooked Vultures – “Mind Eraser, No Chaser”

The Tallest Man On Earth – “Shallow Grave”





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  1. Slippery Jack says

    Woo hoo I got a review read out! I don’t think I reccomended you review Maniac though – I think what I suggested a Bill Lustig special covering Maniac Cop and Vigilante… though reviewing both the original and remake of Maniac when it comes out does make sense! Refreshing to hear a review of Trance with no mention of the Olympics. All of the UK critics seem to see Trance as Boyle’s wilfull tarnishing of his post-Olympics ‘National Treasure’ tag. As the two were in production at the ssme time, I somehow doubt that is the case!

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