Danny Boyle’s ‘Frankenstein’ Trailer

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The National Theater Live is bringing a broadcast of Danny Boyle‘s hit stage version of Frankenstein to the United States in cinemas on March 17 and March 24. The play stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes in the British TV series Sherlock) and Johnny Lee Miller (Trainspotting), who switch between the roles of Doctor Frankenstein and the Monster each night.  The idea is to show the “double personality-like” nature of Frankenstein and his monster as presented in Shelley’s novel .

Boyle will have 2 camera rehearsals, with up to 8 cameras recording the play on the night. David Sabel, NT head of digital media, told Deadline, “Our biggest problem is always, how can we make this exciting to watch rather than just have one static camera at the back? We’re not making a movie, it’s very much the live experience. This doesn’t feel like a piece of theatre that’s being re-staged for the cinema – you feel incredibly connected to the live performance. Our U.S. audience is growing quite dramatically.”

Here’s a trailer for the production and here is the list of US theaters that will be showing the production.

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