E3 2015: ‘Dark Souls 3’ confirmed for early 2016, premieres first teaser

DSIIIPROMO-610As rumored last week, From Software did indeed premiere the first look at Dark Souls III today at E3. Following hot on the heels of the highly acclaimed PS4 exclusive and Souls spiritual successor, Bloodborne, Dark Souls III is set for a tentative first quarter release in 2016.

From also dropped the first look at the game in a cryptic but gorgeous teaser trailer. In the teaser we are greeted by the line “…now only embers remain.” A sure callback to the original Dark Souls, some have theorized that this title might take place between the first and second game, citing that the city showcased at one point looks like Lordran, a central location in Dark Souls. With a shambling army marching to desolation, a key shot of hands reaching for a crown, and a massive undead hulk awakening with the same crown, the look and atmosphere couldn’t be more reminiscent of the Souls mythology if it tried.

With Hidetaka Miyazaki (director of Demon’s SoulsDark Souls and our game of the year thus far, Bloodborne) set to return, fans can expect a proud and punishing return for their favorite sadistic franchise come 2016.

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