Darkness Becomes You Podcast #2: “Seeing Things”

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No, you’re not hallucinating; we do have a brand new episode of Darkness Becomes You, our podcast dedicated to the HBO show True Detective. This week, Ricky D and Deepayan are joined by Sound on Sight and TVOvermind’s Randy Dankievitch to discuss the second episode, titled “Seeing Things”. Among the topics of discussion are the Christian holy trinity and how it relates to this show, as well as how reliable Rusty and Marty’s narration of past events really is.



“Far From Any Road” by The Handsome Family

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  1. Angela says

    oops sorry, edit: not there, their..

  2. Angela says

    Matthew’s character has lived in life’s corners..where hopelessness exists, that’s why he is such a nihilist in my opinion. He has seen squeeky clean people (by social standards) to be the devil’s own..goes back to the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ adage..he has perception and discernment of things most people will not or cannot address. He has no patience with even the most broken, if there actions have produced evil in innocent populations (children, etc).

  3. Angela says

    I didn’t notice that,,thanx!!

  4. Augustine says

    Alright who noticed the Owl on top the burnt church balcony?

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