Darkness Becomes You Podcast #3: “The Locked Room”

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There’s no need to get violent, we’ve got you in mind with this new episode of Darkness Becomes You, our podcast dedicated to the HBO show True Detective. Sound on Sight contributor Sean Colletti joins hosts Ricky D and Deepayan Sengupta this week to discuss the show’s third episode, titled “The Locked Room”. Among the topics of discussion are the nature of Rusty’s relationship with Maggie, the importance of the episode’s secondary characters, and how the detectives in 2012 view Rusty.



“Far From Any Road” by The Handsome Family

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  1. Augustine says

    You guys seemed convinced that Rusty didn’t look through the file that the two detectives left behind. I think he did look at the file. That scene seemed to indicate that Rusty is trying to collect information about the 2012 murder case. In fact all three episodes have shown Rusty picking up bits and pieces of information from the two detectives. I don’t know if thats suppose to mean he’s guilty or if he’s trying to solve the case himself. I’m starting to think its the latter. I think Rusty is trying to solve the case again and he’ll eventually meet up with Marty again in the present day.

    Also I wonder why none of discussed the drawings by Marty’s daughters. Pretty big clue there if you asked me.

    1. Deepayan Sengupta says

      I’m also of the inclination that he looked through the file, but I didn’t have any proof to back that up, outside of the feeling that Rusty’s dormant detective instincts are awakening, almost against his will.

      And Ricky did briefly bring up the drawings, and I agree, especially in relation to the dolls, there is clearly more going on there than meets the eye.

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