David Lynch and Duran Duran Team Up for Concert

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Fans awaiting the next feature length effort from the imaginative and twisty mind of David Lynch, who has focused on short films  as of late, may have to wait longer but not to disappoint, his latest short effort comes in the form of a collective project with the band Duran Duran as David Lynch directed them for the next installment of the webcast concert series “Upstaged” that apparently has musicians teaming up with filmmakers to shoot these stages shows; which are available for viewing online. The final product was released Wednesday and had Duran Duran performing a mix of past hits and songs from their forthcoming album All You Need Is Now in Los Angeles’ Mayan Theater. The actual concert clocks in at almost 2 hours but shorter individual songs are online at Youtube/Vevo. Here’s some clips below to let you get your Lynch-ian fix and judge if it’s in line with Lynch’s trademark style.

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