David O. Russell’s disowned ‘Nailed’, now titled ‘Accidental Love’, gets a trailer


A woman without health insurance gets a nail stuck in her head and leads a campaign to reform healthcare in America with the help of a clueless politician and her brain-damaged, wacko sexual impulses.

Sounds like a stupid February dump alright. But then you realize that Accidental Love, set to arrive in theaters February 10, was actually originally called Nailed and was directed by none other than David O. Russell.

O. Russell shot Nailed back in 2008 starring Jessica Biel, James Marsden, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Brolin, Tracy Morgan, Paul Reubens and Catherine Keener, but due to numerous production shutdowns, the project was eventually abandoned by O. Russell, but the film has now been salvaged and put out under the director moniker “Stephen Greene,” whomever that is.

Accidental Love will get a VOD release shortly after its theatrical release in February. Watch the trailer below:

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