‘Deadpool’ Blu-Ray Promo – Advertising Game Still On Point


Physical media may be going the way of the dinosaur, but not without a fight. Digital downloads and streaming have their place, but I remain one of those holdouts who still prefers to own a physical copy of a movie I really enjoy and plan on rewatching. After all, internet connections can stall or slow down, and who knows when a beloved movie might get yanked from whatever streaming service you employ. A physical copy of a movie ensures that all you need is a TV, a Blu-Ray player and the electricity to power them to enjoy your favorite movies. The fickle nature of internet connections and the even fickler nature of streaming rights doesn’t stand between me and my ability to watch the films I enjoy the most. And given how much I enjoyed Tim Miller’s Deadpool, you can bet I’ll be picking up a copy when it comes out on Blu-Ray in just five days time. That is, unless someone wants to get me a birthday present.

If you weren’t already ready to drop your hard-earned 30 bucks on your very own copy, this new promo is here to convince you. Like prettymuch all the marketing for Deadpool, the promo isn’t some slapped-together highlight reel. Instead, the ad is a parody of the kind medication ads you see on late night TV, with an idyllic couple (one of whom happens to be a red-clad, unkillable death machine) walking through sun-kissed fields and -ahem- woodworking, while a pleasantly-voiced narrator tells you everything except for what the drug in question actually does. Just add it to the pile of fun Deadpool marketing videos that proved even before the film came out that all involved were giving maximum effort.

Check out the promo below and let us know: will you be picking up Deadpool on blu-ray? Do you still enjoy physical media? Leave your comments below.

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