Get Underneath Deadpool’s Mask in New BTS Featurette


One of the big draws of Deadpool for me before I even saw the thing was how spot-on the overall costume designs seemed. I mean, you look at Deadpool and he looks, unmistakably, almost perfectly LIKE DEADPOOL. You don’t get the sense that this is Deadpool filtered through something like military realism or grit. Just enough detail and texture got added to make it seem like something you’d wear (if you were an merc turned insane unkillable death machine) while never losing the essence of the character design. And a lot of that comes from the mask, which a new behind the scenes featurette (presumably a preview of something we’ll be seeing a longer version of on the upcoming Blu-Ray release) details the design and construction of. The video comes courtesy of IGN, who posted it to their Youtube page.

The video shows how the design of Deapool’s mask was a major concern for the design team, who were determined to capture the character’s look just right. Personally, I was hoping for a bit of detail on the animation process that gave Deadpool his expressive eyes, a first for superhero masks that Marvel’s Spiderman is already picking up on. But one interesting tidbit is how each mask had swappable eyepieces, so that the normal eyes could be replaced with something with better visibility and airflow for stunt sequences. If anything, the featurette gives me a hankering for an in-depth video detailing the entire costume design process, from the boots up. Hopefully when I pick up my Deadpool blu-ray I’ll get my wish.

Check out the video below.

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