Sordid Cinema 503: ‘Deathgasm’ and our favourite highschool characters in film and television


Deathgasm podcast

New Zealand hasn’t produced many horror films over the years, but those it has given birth to are remarkably strong entries. The latest of these films to make its way Stateside is Jason Lei Howden’s outrageous debut feature Deathgasm about a group of suburban metal heads who accidently summon a demonic force with thier music. This week we sit down to discuss the Kiwi horror comedy with guest Deepayan Sengupta. In our main event, we discuss our favourite high school characters in horror films and TV shows and let you know who we best resemble. Prepare yourself for another crazy Ricky D life story. All this and more!


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00:00: Buffy the Vampire  clip
00:30: Show Intro
01:00: Open talk spot
03:00: Deathgasm trailer
04:00: Movie review: Deathgasm
28:00: Deathgasm movie clip
29:00: Skull Fist – “Hour to Live”
30:00: Scream movie clip
31:00: Main Event: Our favourite highschool characters in movies and TV
49:00: Scream 2 clip
50:00: Iron Maiden – “Run to the Hills”

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