*Updated 08/23*: Doctor Who News Roundup

**After months of speculation and fretting from fans, Steven Moffat has gone on the record about Doctor Who’s upcoming seventh season. Contrary to earlier reports, it appears that the entirety of the seventh season, 12 episodes plus a Christmas Special, will air in 2012. For the full story, check out the interview at Daily Beast.


EW.com has a new promo poster up from BBC America. Here’s a copy of the poster. For the original article and a larger copy of the poster, click the link.


San Diego Comic Con was held last weekend, bringing with it a flurry of announcements. For Doctor Who fans, several tidbits caught the eye. Above is a promotional image for the second half of the season, which kicks off on August 27th at 9pm/8pm Central on BBC America with “Let’s Kill Hitler”. Full video from BBC America’s Doctor Who panel is up on YouTube, for those so inclined, as is the trailer premiered at ComicCon for the second half of the season, embedded below. Spoiler alert, it looks awesome. A clip from episode 11, “The God Complex”, was also released. Post your thoughts on the upcoming season in the comment section below.

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Kate Kulzick

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