Doctor Who Podcast Episode 1: ‘The Empty Child’ & ‘The Doctor Dances’

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With some of the most imaginative stories, compelling characters and best writing found on the so-called “small screen”, Sound on Sight continues its spotlight on some of the best shows on television.  Following the wildly popular Walking Dead Podcast, we begin a new series following the Doctor and his adventures in Time and Space.  As we eagerly await the new season, Derek Gladu and Eric Mendoza take a look at some of our favourite episodes since the show came back in 2005.


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  1. Michael says

    I know this is the earliest podcast, but I do hope someone is watching the farm. I have a question: Does anyone else think the child is Eric Clapton? Look at the mother/sister relationship for Eric. This also makes the Doctor’s comment about music more pointed.
    If this is already travelled territory (particularly if I missed it in the podcast), I am sorry.

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