Doctor Who Podcast Episode 18: ‘The Girl Who Waited’

Every year, the “bottle episode” of Doctor Who is approached with a mixture of both anticipation and dread by Whovians. For those not in the know, a “bottle episode” is an industry term for a “scaled back production” (read “cheap”) that usually appears later on in a series’ after all the money has already been spent, usually on the series finale. Despite such budget constraints, the spirit of creativity in the face of adversity has lead to a surprising number of innovative and ingenious gems over the years, such as fan favorites like “Midnight” and “Blink”. It has also given us “Love and Monsters”, which was pants. Where does Series Six’s “bottle episode” fit on this spectrum? Join Eric Mendoza Lindsay Wood, Beverly Brown and Derek Gladu as we review “The Girl Who Waited”.


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