Doctor Who Podcast Episode 26: The Christopher Eccelston Era, Part 1. ‘Rose’

Happy 7th anniversary New-Who! Hard to believe, but it has been seven years (!) since our favourite Timelord was returned to us; and we here at Sound on Sight are in a mood to do a little celebratin’! We hope you’ll join us over the next three weeks as we take a look at the tenure of Mr. Christopher Eccleston, who assumed the role of The Doctor and defined this enigmatic character for a whole new generation. Join Derek Gladu, Eric Mendoza, Lindsay Wood, and Beverly Brown as we go back to where it all started again in our review of 2005’s “Rose”.

For those of you wanting to hear a little more gushing about Mr. Ecckleston, you should check out Sound on Sight’s very first Doctor Who podcast when Derek and Eric discuss “The Empty Child” and the “Doctor Dances”.


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