Doctor Who Podcast Episode 32: ‘The Power of Three’

The Doctor’s penultimate adventure with the Ponds switches gears this week as thrills and spectacle takes a back seat to a domesticated melodrama and a planet wide invasion of tiny cubes. Join Derek Gladu, Eric Mendoza and Beverly Brown as we explore ”The Power of Three”.


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Benefit for Janet Fielding to be held in January

We here at Sound on Sight were greatly saddened after the recent announcement that actress Janet Fielding has been diagnosed with cancer.  Our thoughts go out to her friends and family during this difficult time.  Perhaps best know for her work on Doctor Who portraying companion Tegan Jovanka between 1981-1984 , Fielding was also involved in various charities including Project Motorhouse a community outreach program which is seeking to convert a derelict building in Thanet into a mixed-use public venue.

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The reaction to Fielding’s illness has been swift and inspiring. An impressive roaster of Whovians have joined together to hold a benefit concert in her name on behalf of project Motorhouse. Already no less than Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, David Tennant, Paul Mcgann, and Peter Davison have pledged their time and energy for this worthy cause. Although the event was almost immediately sold out, we Whovians have an opportunity to help out a fellow Companion and raise money for a good cause to boot. For those so willing and able you can contact Project Motorhouse or the UK’s leading Cancer research charity Cancer Research UK.


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Oh, and check out  a spectacular fan video from killerwhaleocelot showcasing Fielding’s time with the Doctor.