Doctor Who Podcast Episode 45: ‘The Crimson Horror’

Doctor Who Podcast

Doctor Who - Series 7B

Perhaps the only way one can truly go home is if you never really leave.  Just ask Mark Gatiss; a true Who veteran and devoted fan and who’s been writing for Doctor Who in one format or another for over two decades.  The currentSherlock co-producer scribe and has been a regular contributor to the show since its return in 2005 and is the odds on favourite to succeed Steven Moffat as Showrunner.  His latest adventure takes his childhood hero for a pulpy and comedic romp set amidst the Factory shadows of late Victorian England.  So was this weekend’s Penny Dreadful, Penny delightful?  Join Derek Gladu, Eric Mendoza and Beverly Brown and special guest Chip Sudderth from the Two Minute Timelord Podcast as we confront “The Crimson Horror”.


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