Doctor Who Podcast Episode 45: ‘The Crimson Horror’

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Doctor Who - Series 7B

Perhaps the only way one can truly go home is if you never really leave.  Just ask Mark Gatiss; a true Who veteran and devoted fan and who’s been writing for Doctor Who in one format or another for over two decades.  The currentSherlock co-producer scribe and has been a regular contributor to the show since its return in 2005 and is the odds on favourite to succeed Steven Moffat as Showrunner.  His latest adventure takes his childhood hero for a pulpy and comedic romp set amidst the Factory shadows of late Victorian England.  So was this weekend’s Penny Dreadful, Penny delightful?  Join Derek Gladu, Eric Mendoza and Beverly Brown and special guest Chip Sudderth from the Two Minute Timelord Podcast as we confront “The Crimson Horror”.


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  1. Jack Deth says

    Hi, Derek:

    Diana Rigg still has it. And rocks it as Mrs. Gillyflower!

    It was nice to see Matt Smith play with different tones and dictions, however briefly.

  2. Sektos says

    Ah, Dr Who Fanboys AND girls, always wishing they had something else than what they have lol :P

    If there’s one thing i’ve learnt with this season of Who is that Whovians are incredibly bipolar, loving and hating exact same episode and unable to make up their minds.

    To each to their own, but someone who has seriously loved this season (cowboy as weakest), the goal of a new movie-esk adventure everyweek has indeed been met. Each episode has presented new settings, characters and stories that have all been interesting and thought provoking;

    *Dalek’s concept of beauty and mad girl trapped in an Asylum whilst a couple deals with marital issues,
    *A Father being brought on an Adventure, his mind opened, as the doctor dealt with a greedy, corrupt man that uses and kills people
    * A War criminal and victim dealing with the trauma they have suffered and wrought
    * Dealing with ones life and relationships, and mature past the need for constant adventure
    * Dealing with loss and knowledge of the inevitable
    * Rediscovery life and companionship
    * Begining a new life, stepping out of comfort zone
    * Again dealing with loss, & also discovery ones own wealth and possibilities of the future
    * Horrors of war and need for forgiveness
    * Need for companionship
    * And Crimson again supporting progress and self-worth

    All this are themes and ideas explored in each episode, sometimes spoken and often subtext, whilst providing a thrilling ride. The episodes are not afraid to let the audience pick up and think about these elements without having to provide clunk exposition or slow down the story.

    In terms of “tennant fan-girls” I myself havent used that term, but certainly hav used fan-boys. To me its not the love that these men and women have for this era of who, its the quite often illogial and childish approach, bias and hatred that some bring against Moffat, Smith and this era, with the phrase “bring back Tennant” spoken very often.

    Personally alot of RTD era (especially his episodes) was as many of you guys described this great episode- shadows of potential, too often falling to poorly concieved Deus Ex and macguffing solutions, whilst the rest of the show played as a soap opera, themes shoved in face, alot of filler to the Dr eventually solving the problem (+ alot of ppl’s deaths) with him saying “Sorry” but never learning, whilst Rose was the end all be all of the show. Donna was the only companion in this era imo to show development rather than pop back from another dimension as a Mary Sue.

    BUUUT each to there own again. I did enjoy and love much of RTD’s Who which brought me into the show, and the same for Moffat’s. I’d love for each episode to be 50-55mins, but despite some quick resolutions have loved what has been done in 45. Personally some of the weakest parts of who has been when a plot has been stretched to 120min, but some have def needed extra time to make them even better

    Do enjoy listening to the Podcast guys and look forward to Gaiman one nxt wk :)

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