Doctor Who Podcast Episode 50: Hello, Doctor! ‘Dimensions in Time’ & Some Thoughts on the 12th Doctor.

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We’re celebrating our 50th Doctor Who podcast here at Sound on Sight, and what better way to commemorate the show than look back at what happens when an anniversary special goes horribly, horribly wrong. Join Derek Gladu, Eric Mendoza, Beverly Brown and returning special guest Phil Canon from the Who’s He? Podcast as we look at Doctor Who’s 30th anniversary special “Dimensions in Time”, and gab a bit about the latest lad in the TARDIS.

Attention: This podcast contains many explicit Malcolm Tuckerisms, and may not be appropriate for all.


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  1. Derek Gladu says

    Don’t get me started about “The End of Time”, it is probably the worst Doctor Who ever made; a terrible send off for Tennant and a near text book example of RTD-isms at their most extreme. All this when the show had enough time and money to put on a proper swansong, and lets not talk about the sheer amount of talent on screen not put to very good use. Anywho.

    Glad you liked my theory, it is a way we can actually accept this special as Cannon and enjoy it, sorry to say I probably put more thought into it that JNT did in actually writing and producing it.

  2. I really like the idea of ‘Dimensions in Time’ as a fever dream, Derek. Then again, I still think that the ‘End of Time’ 2-parter was a regeneration fever dream and that the Tenth Doctor really started regenerating sometime just after the events of ‘Water of Mars.’ Because, wow, that 2-parter is almost just as bad!

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