Doctor Who Podcast Episode 51:The Sylvester McCoy Era, Part 1:‘Dragonfire’

No. 55 - The Seventh Doctor Years

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It’s the dog days of Summer and we’re taking a few trips in the Wayback Machine to look at the time of Sylvester McCoy, the seventh actor to play the role of the Doctor. We’re starting with the 1987 serial that introduced an unsuspecting universe to the most excellent Sophie Aldred as Ace. Join Derek Gladu, Eric Mendoza, Beverly Brown and special guests Terry Lightfoot and Fuschia Begonia from the Dirty Whoers Podcast as we slay “Dragonfire”.


If you’ve not had the pleasure of listening to the Dirty Whoers, check out their, um, unique ratings system.

And for your consideration, take a trip in our podcast time machine and listen to our 24th podcast, in which we discus Mr. McCoy’s seminal adventure “The Curse of Fenric”.


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