Doctor Who Podcast Episode 59: Sound on Sight’s Ultimate Doctor Who Companion Countdown; Part One


We’re still celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who here on Sound on Sight, and we’ve brought along a few of our friends for our very own MMORPG, (Massive & Magnificent Online Remarkable Podcast Gathering) a series of three podcasts with 10 of our favourite Whovians. Over the next few weeks, some of the brightest lights of the Whoiniverse will be dropping by to chat about some our favourite, and not so favourite fellow travellers with the Doctor. Our companions for today are The Nerdist’s Kyle Anderson, Terry Lightfoot of the DirtyWhoers podcast, and Luke Harrison of the Minute Doctor Who Podcast, for part one of what I humbly submit is the Ultimate Companion Countdown of All Time.

And for those of you keeping score, here is the list that started it all.



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