Drumroll, please, for the trailer for ‘Whiplash’


After winning both the US Grand Jury Award and the Audience Award at the year’s Sundance Film Festival, news on Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash (based on the director’s short film) has been pretty quiet. Luckily we now have a trailer for the film, which stars the up-and-coming Miles Teller as a young expert drummer attempting to join one of America’s most prestigious jazz orchestras, and the always-great J.K. Simmons as his sadistic band instructor. The film looks much more intense than one might expect, as Simmons’ methods are brutal and abusive, and will no doubt have major repercussions on Teller’s psyche and relationship to the craft he holds near and dear to him. The film also features Paul Reiser, who we don’t see much of anymore, so it is nice to see him around. Whiplash opens in US theaters on October 10, 2014.


[vsw id=”SvOksqh1Td0″ source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]

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