‘Electra Woman and Dyna Girl’ costumes revealed


Costumes for the highly anticipated reboot of the ’70s TV series Electra Woman and Dyna Girl have been revealed! Produced by Legendary Pictures, the web series will star the internet’s own Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart as superheroes who move from Akron to LA in hopes of fighting big crime, only to find out they’ve got competition.

Helbig is known from the YouTube channels MyDamnChannel, DailyGrace, and It’sGrace, as well as collaborative projects like Hey USA, and the film Camp Takota with YouTubers Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart (no relation). She will also be hosting her own talk show on E!, starting April 3. Hannah is the amazing and hilarious visionary behind My Drunk Kitchen, a fabulous cooking and drinkin’ show on Hannah’s YouTube channel MyHarto.

Now, a bit about the costumes, which were seen on A Grester Story and on the show’s official twitter page. Many have lauded the costumes for being tactical, cool, and not overly sexualized, as female characters tend to be in action-adventure. We wholeheartedly agree, these costumes look sweet! Leather, combat boots, and fingerless gloves!

VlogBrother Hank Green reblogged a photo of the costumes on his Tumblr , detailing why he liked the outfits, saying that “they look like super hero outfits styled for women. Not super hero outfits styled for men to enjoy looking at on women.”

Watch the announcement for the series below:

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