‘Elysium’ and ‘Only God Forgives’ Sordid Cinema Podcast #63


Here at Sound on Sight (and, by extension, Sordid Cinema), we often complain about the faceless, semi-identical blockbusters that ruin our moviegoing experiences for much of the summer and make us wish we’d stick off the beaten path for good. But a few years back, writer-director Neil Blomkamp managed to stick out from the pack with the relatively low-budget District 9, which led Edgar, Ricky, Simon, and guest Josh Spiegel to hope that his follow-up,Elysium, might prove to be another auteurist exception. After they reveal whether or not that was the case, they take on one of the year’s most divisive movies, Nicolas Winding Refn’s ultraviolent art-thriller Only God Forgives.



Ryan Amon – Elysium Soundtrack

Cliff Martinez – Only God Forgives Soundtrack

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