Emotions are running high in Pixar’s new ‘Inside Out’ trailer


Earlier this year we shared the teaser trailer for Pixar’s latest original outing, Inside Out, an animated family comedy in which emotions become personified inside a little girl. The film’s latest full trailer gives a bigger taste of just how these personality traits operate within a typical family dynamic, Star Trek-style mission control and all.

USA Today also spoke with Writer-Director Pete Docter about the film’s plot and inspiration:

Life for Riley is made all the more difficult since Dad has moved the family from theMidwest to work on a start-up company in San Francisco. Meanwhile, upbeat and hip Mom is the emotional center of the family.

“These guys are the pillars on both sides,” says Docter. “They are pivotal parts, knowing how joyful this kid Riley used to be and the young woman she’s changing into.”

So while Riley’s mind is full of out-there comedic characters (particularly Joy), the parents are more “rooted in reality and very truthful,” says Docter. “Both of those actors do that very well.”

Inside Out stars Diane Lane and Kyle MacLachlan as young Riley’s parents, and featured as Riley’s emotions are Amy Poehler, Lewis Black, Bill Hader, Phyllis Smith and Mindy Kaling.

Inside Out arrives in theaters June 19, 2015. Watch the trailer below:

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