Sound On Sight Radio #105 – Knowing, Dark City & The Crow.

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The term ‘Worldbuilding’ originates from science fiction literature, and refers to the laborious process of creating an imaginary universe from the ground up. Clearly, Australian director Alex Proyas is familiar with the concept. His breakthrough 1994 comic book adaptation The Crow was set in a urban fantasy world so dark it must have either enraged or engorged Tim Burton. His follow up film, Dark City, was even more bizarre, a sci-fi experiment that expanded on The Crow’s dark visuals, while removing the fishnet stockings and Bauhaus posters. His new film, Knowing, is yet another science fiction thriller, though with a much bigger budget than his previous films. Join us tonight, as Sound on Sight takes a look at the career of Alex Proyas.

  1. Barry Solar says

    Dark City comes out top here easily. The crow bored me, while knowing was watchable it was to commercial orientate and will be forgotten soon. Dark City will still have it fans for many years.

    1. Ricky says

      I completely agree!

  2. Tim says

    I just saw Knowing, even after listening to your review. Had to do it cuz I`m a Proyas fan. And I concur; it was awful. Really painful viewing. Even if Cage wasnt in it, it would not have been salvageable.

    1. Richard says

      I’d have to agree that Knowing isn’t (by a long way) one of the great films. I only went to see it because I happened across them shooting a scene (outside the Subway station) one Sunday afternoon during a visit to Melbourne. It really is like they ran out of ideas half way through the film. It started promisingly but really fell in a hole after that. Maybe next time Alex?

  3. Ricky says

    I like Nine Inch Nails and The Crow but I don’t like Simon.

    1. Al says

      Am I the only one here who DOESN’T like NIN? Maybe that’s why I’m right all the time with my reviews.

  4. Simon H. says

    For the record I also like Nine Inch Nails. I just hate “The Crow.”

  5. Myles says

    what do you mean “Nine Inch Nails was once cool”..they are the greatest fucking band on the face of the earth!

  6. Tim says

    Thanks for the Dark City review! That was one of my favourite films of the era. I really need to see it again. And Simon was correct, that the Matrix took a lot from this film, but is far superior.
    With the Knowing, Proyas should have pulled an Aronofsky and personally called Cage to beg him not star in this film. I havent yet seen it but I can imagine.

    1. Al says

      Don’t imagine! You’ll hurt your head. If you must, picture “What the BLEEP Do We Know” with aliens dressed like Kiefer Sutherland in The Lost Boys.

  7. Ricky says

    See teenage Robin backs up my point. The Crow was the perfect comic book film for the girls. It was the best tool for teenage boys at the time to use to pick up girls, and the boys would still like it too.

  8. Robin says

    just watched ‘dark city’ for the first time two weeks ago and was actually impressed with its scifi scope and the fact that they got a lot of complicated concepts across rather simply. me like. as for ‘knowing’, looks like something id rather not know about. (grin)
    ps. the best thing about the first ‘crow’ was the soundtrack. or at least thats what teenaged robin thought.

  9. Erica Ewing says

    I really like the Knowing. I agree that Nick Cage is a bad actor but I really think it was really fun and full of great action. Honestly I am not even sure if I understand your reviews. You guys were making no sense.

  10. Ricky says

    I love Goth kids and The Crow. F#ck You Simon! Nine Inch Nails was once cool.

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