Sound On Sight Radio #106 – Jean Luc Godard

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In the 1960s, French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard helmed over 20 feature-length films (depending on whether or not you count films made by “collective”), with many of them now hailed as classics by elitist cineastes everywhere. Today on Sound on Sight, we attempt to dig into Godard’s massive filmography by looking at three of the films that defined his work in the first half of that decade: 1960’s fast-paced romantic thriller “Breathless,” 1963’s self-reflexive “Contempt.” and 1965’s dizzying “Pierrot le Fou,” which starred his then-wife, Anna Karina.

  1. josh says

    I’m surprised you guys omitted mentioning Vivre sa vie. I personally prefer godard’s later ’60s stuff (yep, the more political stuff), but out of what he makes with Karina, it has got to be the most important. I don’t mean in some shallow sense just because of Karina’s attempted suicide or anything, so much as how vivre sa vie culminates all of early Godard’s obsessions in what I find to be the most succinct and pointed fashion — stylistically I also think it is a high-water mark in godard’s and coutard’s work. It is also a fantastic index for how early godard’s obsessions with his wife affect the way he sees filmmaking at this time.
    but that isn’t to take away from a nice show — you guys really made the case for le mepris, which was very refreshing. Also, that sam fuller scene from pierrot has got to be, for me, among the greatest cameos in film history — godard himself cried while it was being shot, and likely no scene better captures godard’s very palpable feelings of alienation from the world of movies than that singular vision of fuller in exile from the by-then defunct Hollywood studio system.

  2. Film School Reject says

    Excellent show. I wish you would do more shows on European directors.

  3. Anonymous says

    it’s KINSKI to HERZOG… :)

  4. Anonymous says

    Christina sounds like a fox. Nice sexy voice. How about a video podcast?

  5. Tim says

    What a coincidence you guys did a Goddard special. I just watched Une Femme est une Femme yesterday. Not really my taste by the camera work by Coutard in the apartment was great.
    I love Contempt. Fave film of all time.

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