REWIND – Sound On Sight Radio #110 – Things That Go Bump In The Night

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It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that there are some questions science cannot answer. Rather, it takes a moron. And a special kind of moron, at that: one that freely spends money on water crystal photography books, copper bracelets that alleviate arthritis, and Bibles. It is for these people that many ghost films, like The Haunting in Connecticut with its blend of pseudo-Christianity and early 20th century spiritualism, seem to be made. Director Peter Cornwell’s film, allegedly based on a true story, follows a family experiencing bizarre phenomena after moving into a mortuary transformed to a rental property. Tonight, Sound on Sight takes a look at The Haunting in Connecticut, as well as The Entity, The Innocents, and The Haunting, three spooky entries in Hollywood’s ghostly history.

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  1. Robert Lemieux says

    I really like your show. I discovered it recently while looking at the CJLO web page. I find you very entertaining. My English is not so good so sometimes it is hard because you talk fast but I learn alot.

  2. Ricky D says

    oh yeah and read the Session 9 review that just went up from Myles. You might like it.

    1. DVDBoxSet says

      Yeah, just read it, excellent.

      Outer Space is conveniently on youtube! The guy has also got a DVD of his work out that’s pretty neat, and the sound is way more intense than you’re going to get to experience here, but just to see this one film:

      The Condemned was amazing. It’s honestly just watching people beat each other up and then explode. Nothing more. And also you should review Beyond the Mat if you do a wresting show, it’s a wonderful documentary.

  3. Ricky D says

    Awesome dude! Thank you for the feedback. I really want to do a wrestling show when the Wrestler DVD gets released and use it to promote the wrestling show on our station. I think it will make a good show. Also I love The Condemned and most of the wrestling docs that come out. Some great ones are the Bret Hart Docs, the Jake The Snakes docs and Beyond the Mat. Also I am really curious about this film you mentioned. I have to hunt this down now.

  4. DVDBoxSet says

    A couple things. Listening to your review on the Entity, I was going nuts wracking my brain trying to figure out why it seemed so familiar, and then I remembered, there’s this really neat experimental film called Outer Space by Peter Tscherkassky that uses a few minutes of found footage, that happens to be footage from The Entity. It’s really intense, all like optical printing and contact printing, I totally recommend checking it out. And now I really need to rent the film. Excellent negative review :P

    Also, to Ricky: I agree entirely about Wrestlemania. And, as a wrestling fan, who listens to your show, and is literate and uses electricity, I think a WWE Films show would be AWESOME.

    Also, concerning that poll, Session 9 is the best film on there, but as a Ghost story, not the best.

    1. Al says

      To be fair, I didn’t say wrestling fans were illiterate.

  5. Ricky D says

    Just some quick notes on this episode. Strangely enough when we started the show, the room suddenly became very cold and you will notice a large banging noise at the start of the show when Al is reading the opening blurb. I believe the telephone flew across the room caused most likely by a poltergeist. The lights also flickered a few times and finally I something struck Al`s microphone halfway in. Strange thins happen at the station in deed.

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