Peter Greenaway Special: Sound On Sight Podcast #112

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An avant-garde film maker who earned surprising access to the mainstream, Peter Greenaway is among the most ambitious and controversial filmmakers of his era. Trained as a painter and heavily influenced by theories of structural linguistics and philosophy, Greenway’s films often explore the boundaries of the medium by rejecting formal narrative structures in favor of awe-striking imagery, shifting meanings, and intense emotional tension;

Today we will focus two Peter Greenaway films  first his more accessible The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover,  the Greenaway film that made his American breakthrough and finally Drowning by Numbers which follows three women whom all successively drown their husbands.

Joining us is reoccurring guest hosts Derek Gladu and Chrystina Benyo.

  1. Brian Steele says

    The cook the thief his wife and her lover is one of the worst movies ever made. Sorry, but it’s true.

    1. Jake says

      You gotta be fucking kidding…This movie is amazing!

  2. Ricky says

    Some say he is retarded. Some say he has a learning disability but the truth is his tongue was cut off during a bar fight at a trashy tranny bar. He wears it around his neck as a reminder just like Dolph Lundgren had an ear around his neck in Universal Soldier.

    True story

  3. Josh says

    why can’t the host pronounce “th”?

    1. W. Droege says

      How brave, this guy actually left his first name! It really is a shame, how stupid broadcasters like the people on Sound on Sight can interfere with Brave Internet Trolls such as yourself, who, like Travis Bickle, want to guard the “Internets” from people who have a different accent. Well, “Josh” I suppose you can get your money back from the “Internets” for wasting your time for two hours every week for almost two years. Keep up the good work making inane and stupid comments, and please, don’t actually do anything creative yourself, because it is a jungle out there for blogers who think that writing the equivalent of “gaaaayyy” is actual criticism and commentary.

      The worst thing I can wish on you, is the life that you have already chosen.

      1. Ricky says

        I am betting that this is a host from another podcast or can`t handle the competition so at the end of the day I just don`t care.

      2. Josh says

        Travis Bickle was guarding the internets?
        Man…I gotta’ watch that movie again.
        I missed that part.
        I didn’t think they even had the internets back then.

        “Josh” is my real name.
        Ask Al.

        Writing “gayyyyy” is a completely valid criticism.
        Having watched a few thousand movies with one of the shows hosts…I can confirm that he too thinks that it is a valid form of critiquing.
        And furthermore…Al is the only one who is gay.
        He caught it that one time when he watched ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

        Well, the life I have already chosen involves a lot of movies and comic books. And taunting people who take web blog things way to seriously. It ain’t so bad.

        1. Ricky says

          Wow good for you. Glad you waste your time with our site and show because we clearly have no interest in you nor continuing on with this discussion.

          Also I wouldn’t use Al has a saving point. If I felt Al and his buddies were attacking me than I would have no problem in asking him to leave the show.

  4. Anonymous says

    why can’t the host pronounce “th”?

    1. Ricky says

      Because he is not perfect

      1. Jen says

        Don’t you hate these assholes who don’t even have the decency to leave their name. I would like to see this asshole produce a show half as good as this. Rick might not be able to pronounce the “TH” because of his heritage but he is a very knowledgeable, entertaining and an amazing guy. I would like to see this person put himself somewhere in the public eye so we can see all of his or her flaws.
        Keep up the good work guys. Especially Ricky!

    2. Wade Wilson says

      He got half his tongue cut off in a bar fight over at a tranny bar. Broken beer bottle sliced it half off. I was there. Bloody mess it was. But Rick got up, picked up the remaining flesh off the ground and fought back. He lost. It was sad. So now he is handicapped. Poor Rick.

  5. Ricky says

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Like I said, it was the first time I watched a Greenaway film and I can`t wait to see more. For anyone living in Montreal, you can find all his films at Movieland on Du Fort and St Catherine. At the same time you can say hi to the Sound on Sight crew since we all work there.

    Love the feedback. Thanks again!

  6. Noah R. says

    Fanaticita’s comment depresses me. “Movies are supposed to be fun or at least they should be.” Says who? Who wrote the rules? We all love a bit of fun, I respect that, but I’d be deeply alienated if the only films out there were Michael Bay films. Art is stupid? Wow, what an empty life you must lead.

  7. Laura says

    That was a sweet film and Tim Roth was cool in that as that one henchman dude. I think that was one of his first films. He’ my favorite actor.

  8. Alex says

    Yet another case of a director that I have heard so much about and have wanted to watch for years, yet I cannot find any of his stuff! I can find Belly of An Archetecht & The Pillow Book and I have watched both of them and loved them to death and yet the rest of his stuff seems to be impossible to find on DVD.

  9. Terrence says

    I saw The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover a few years ago and I’ve always wanted to see it again. I didn’t pick up on much of the hidden meanings that you mentioned. I didn’t even notice the color of the girl’s clothes changing! I just thought that it was a really twisted, entertaining, darkly funny revenge film with amazing set-design. Its the only Greenway film I’ve seen, but I would DEFINITELY see more of them now!

  10. fanaticita says

    Sorry but I tried to watch two Greenaway films in the past and I turned both films off. I don`t believe that a movie needs to have hidden meaning. Art is stupid and it`s a waste of time. Take for instance the Mona Lisa. That is the ugliest painting I have ever seen. Movies are supposed to be fun or at least they should be. I like it better when you guys review new movies. I can watch The Rock over and over but I cannot finish the Pillow Book.

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