Sound On Sight Radio #115 – For the love of the X-Men

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Though the first cycle of Superman and Batman films were box-office successes, the comic book adaptation cames of age with the 2000 release of X-Men. Provided, of course, ‘of age’ is defined loosely, since these are films that essentially portray science as being a mix of magic and laser tag, which is not something you should be watching if you’re old enough to vote and drink. In any case, the film spawned not only a plethora of other adaptations, but also two sequels and a prequel. Tonight, Sound on Sight takes a look at the three X-Men films and the recent release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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  2. […] Listen to our review from podcast #115 […]

  3. Michael Korvac says

    Do not do a Ron Howard show, unless you are prepared to do an entire retrospective on the Andy Grifith Show.
    WOLF-evrine? Is that an iside joke I hear? Or is it sexual tension between Al and Ali? Or Al and Simon? If the later, the Slash Fiction bit in your Star Trek show makes an uncomfortable amount of sense.

    1. Ali says

      Oh, that was sexual tension between Al and Simon =) But, they did make me laugh!

  4. Tom says

    I take it you folks do not sit around and wait for the film credits to end. First (directed to Ali) at the end of X-Men 3, there is a clip of Charles Xavier showing us that he is still alive. Also I am surprised that not one of you mentioned the multiple endings of the Wolverine film. I was curious to know which of you saw which ending. Also you should all consider reviewing Ron Howard. I voted yes and I think it would make a very interesting show, more so than X-Men.

    1. Al says

      I saw the ending with Wolverine in the bar. I forgot to mention it because it was, quite frankly, pretty boring for the after the credit sequence. I wish I’d seen the Deadpool one.

    2. Ali says

      Well, thank you Tom for pointing out that Professor Xavier does in fact show us that he is still alive! Maybe this means that there will be another X-Men movie, now this time lets hope that Brian Singer, or some one like him jumps on and directs another good one!

  5. Sean says

    I have to agree more with the hosts who did not like Wolverine. Sorry I get your names mixed up. Wolverine should have been a hardcore R-rated film and not a action packed PG-13 thrill ride. I was really disappointed in this film. I have to agree with your views on the other three films. I have mixed feelings on the third installment so it was nice to hear to sides. Good job with the show. I have been listening for a few weeks now and it is by far my favorite podcast.

  6. Ricky says

    You are such an asshole. Go watch your shitty Star Trek movies and than come back on the show and tell everyone that they suck but yet you devotedd a good portion of you life to worshiping them. I just saw the first film. Simon is right. The movie is about them chasing a cloud. God awful.

  7. Ricky says

    See I told you guys. No one ever listens to me. She used to rent movies at Movieland.

    1. Al says

      Right. I’m sure she just strolled down the block from Winnipeg.

  8. Tim says

    The difference between Segal and Van Damme is a take no prisoners pony tail.

    And yes Anna Paquin is Canadian. She’s from Manitoba. I’m pretty sure Paquin is a French Canadian name.

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