‘Star Trek’ Special (part one)

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Since the original television series hit the airwaves in the 1960s, the Star Trek franchise has captivated the minds of science fiction fans the world over. Please insert your own Star Trek joke here. Feel free to choose from any of the following topics: virginity, living in a parent’s basement, and acne. If feeling particularly inventive, pretend to confuse the series with the Star Wars films. Or better yet, make a list of the most predictable Star Trek jokes, and check them off as you listen to part 1 of Sound on Sight’s Star Trek special, in which we take a look at the first three films in the series, as well as J.J. Abrams action-packed re-boot.

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  2. […] Listen to our review from podcast #116 […]

  3. KickAssDude says

    This is one great Star Trek special. Love that song you guys were playing in the first segment too. Thanks.

    1. Rick says

      Thanks for listening. You should check out the second special on Star Trek which I think is much better.

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  7. Derek says

    If you do a Conspiracy show, may I suggest something experimental?
    Check out a part of Tribulations 99 at:


    Ask Al about this, if you can tear him away from his Aztec calander.

    1. Ricky says

      Hold on. first off the deal is that if Star Trek hits out top 5 most listened to shows than Al and Simon can decide what we do that week. However X-Men made the top five while Star Trek is nowhere neat the top 20. So unless Star Trek makes it on the list, the decision is up to Ali and I.

  8. Ricky says

    I hate Star Trek just like I hate Al.

  9. Simon says

    Oh, you just wait till more people see it. It’ll be nuts. You’ll see.

  10. Ricky says

    Is anyone listening to this show. Al you said it would be huge. I gave the go ahead to do two Star Trek shows and it has not made our top ten yet. However X-Men cracked the top five in two days.

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