Sound On Sight Radio # 118 – Star Trek special part 2

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In the second part of our extensive look back at the films that have arisen from Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek series, Simon and Al, along with returning guest Mariko MacDonald, take on the last three films of the Kirk era (IV-VI), as well as tackling the four films that make up the Picard era – you know, the run that necessitated a seven-year break. Since this batch features some particularly gnarly films, you can be fairly certain we’ll also be broaching the subject of fan loyalty.

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  1. Al says

    Thanks for your feedback, Mads. I think Rick hit all the main points in his response, but to reiterate: both Mariko and I are huge Star Trek fans. However, we don’t simply worship all the films on principal. Like many viewers, we like some of the movies, and dislike others. I’m fairly confident both sides of the equation were explored in our two hour discussion of all 11 films.

  2. Mads Ejstrup says

    I will not criticize you for you opinions. I’m not a Trekkie and not even very fond of the Star Trek movies. I did like First Contact and Insurrection (yes I liked it! It is the only one with a brain). But listening to you not liking any of the films and aparently not even liking the Star Trek-franchise at all is bad radio. You should not have dedicate a whole show to this if there is nothing about it that you really like.

    By the way on the whole I really enjoy the your show, so keep up the good work and take this episode as axample of what not to do.

    1. Ricky says

      I did not participate in this show because I am not fond of the Star Trek franchise. I do like the new film and in fact it is my favorite film of 2009( so far) . However to be fair to Simon, he had never seen any of the films before and you can`t fault him for being honest. He had no clue if he would like the films or not before watching them. Also I believe that they still did say quite a bit of positive comments towards some of the films including the Wrath of Khan and the new Star Trek movie. Also considering Al and Mariko are huge Star Trek fans, I found it quite refreshing that they were not afraid of saying anything negative about the movies.

      I always try to choose a series of films that somehow fit within a theme and at the same time I try and make sure that I choose some movies that not everyone will dislike. However even with a show like our Stephen Daldry show we received a lot of hate mail. Two of us did not like The Reader and the third host was partial to it, but we all raved about The Hours and Billy Elliot. Yet people still sent us some really nasty feedback. a

      What I have come to learn is that there is no perfect show. If we do nothing but praise the movies people will complain or be turned off because they feel we have no honest opinion to share. If we are only negative than people hate us for it. Finally even when we mix it up, people complain. The bottom line is people usually tend to only send negative feedback which is fine. As I always say, I appreciate any feedback. However I do honestly believe that it is human nature to always come walking out focusing only on the negative aspects and never the positive. I am pretty sure if you go back and listen you might just see that the three hosts had fun watching the films, and discussing them.
      I intend on listening to the show again now to see if maybe I am wring but from what I remember, it was one of my favorite episodes do to the strange humor of Al.

      Thanks for listening and hopefully you can find more enjoyment in future shows.

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