Sound On Sight Radio# 120 – Director James Cameron

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With the release of McG’s Terminator Salvation, we here at Sound on Sight thought it might be a good time to consider the series’ origins and originator. James Cameron makes his return to the big screen later this year with his long-awaited return to sci-fi, Avatar, but twenty-five years ago, he was only known as the director of Piranha Part Two: The Spawning. That was, of course, until he unleashed The Terminator, a grim sci-fi actioner powered by the uncanny casting of Austrian muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger as an unstoppable, monotonous killing machine. After solidifying his place in the big leagues with The Abyss and Aliens, Cameron returned to the franchise with 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day, which this time featured Schwarzenegger as a force for good, in a fairly obvious attempt to make the film more palatable to mainstream audiences. It worked, of course, and in 1995 Cameron and Ahnuld reunited for the big-budget action-comedy True Lies. We’ll take a look at all three Schwarzenegger pictures before taking on the rest of the Terminator series in the following episode.



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  2. Kristine says

    I agree with Simon and Ali, it is pretty creepy to think about what this man is doing to his wife…making her get naked and do a dance! I would be pissed at my husband for making me do that!
    I also think that Arnold Schwarzenegger should never act again, his time has passed!

  3. Ricky says


    1. Al says

      Sexually Transmitted Infection. It’s the current medical term, as opposed to STD or Venereal Disease.

      1. Ricky says

        Thank you for the clarification. I will inform the rest of the staff at the University Health Clinic.

      2. Rob says

        A disease and an infection are different things, learn biology. Arnie not acting again… He’s old I agree, but I don’t mind seeing him in more movies except more Terminator movies.

        1. Michael Bay says

          Robb what the hell are you talking about?

          1. Rob says

            Its Rob with one “b” and read the statements above mine, all will become clear.

            1. Ricky says

              Michael Bay has bad hair. Does anyone else think so?

  4. Johnny Strabler says

    Wait a minute… Isn`t James Cameron Canadian?

  5. Johnny Strabler says

    I have yet to decide whether True Lies is a better comedy or action film but I have to disagree with Simon and Al. It contains heavy elements of both, and plays them equally well. Ricky is right. The point of True Lies is enjoyment. The plot is a little meatier than that of most action films and there are plenty of colorful characters to enjoy. Ricky was also right about comparing it to old fashion spy thrillers like Charade. At times it did have me rolling my eyes but I quite liked the slapstick humor. Also you all went on the accuse the film and it’s characters of all being sleazy. No sleazier than the MILF references you all mentioned numerous times on the show. Considering one host enjoys comparing action film directors to sexually transmitted diseases, I would have expected him to love True Lies. You Canadian folk are very strange people indeed.

    1. Al says

      I enjoy neither action films nor STIs. Though the clap itches in kind of a funny way.

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