Sound On Sight Radio #121 – The Terminator Franchise


Please keep in mind this is the second of a two part special to the Terminator franchise.  Listen to Episode 120 first!

In 1984, director James Cameron created the Terminator franchise. His film of the same name explored a war between humanity and sentient machines, in which victory could only be assured by sending a naked bodybuilder back in time. Seven years later, he returned with Terminator 2: Judgement Day, replacing the original film’s lean, gritty action with the pyrotechnics of a swollen Meatloaf video. When Cameron temporarily retired from making blockbusters to spend his fortune on submarines and delusions of grandeur, director Jonathan Mostow took the reins of the third film in the franchise, introducing a busty female Terminator seemingly inspired by a Maxim-magazine wet dream. And in 2009, Terminator: Salvation hit the big-screen, the first Terminator film not to involve time travel. Tonight, in Part 2 of our Terminator special, Sound on Sight takes a look at Part 3 and 4 of the long running science fiction franchise.

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