Sound On Sight Radio #125 – Pixar studios part 1

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Since 1995’s massive Toy Story, Pixar Animation Studios has been the source of some of the world’s most successful and best-loved family films, and last week’s Up lived up to expectation, garnering top marks from most critics and doing handsomely at the box office. We thought it might be a good idea to finally tackle some of Pixar’s hits, including Pete Docter’s other directorial effort, “Monsters, Inc.,” and John Lasseter’s “Cars.” Returning guest Mariko MacDonald joins us. Also, stay tuned for trailer talk and news.

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  2. Ricky says

    I can’t wait to do another Pixar show but first we have to review classic Disney films!!!

  3. greg says

    cant wait for the toy story show. i bet you Al gets arrested halfway through. you guys must have verrrry liberal free speech laws up in canada.

  4. Jagger says

    this show is fucking hilarious. good job guys. even though i liked cars

  5. Ben Larson says

    I am a first time listener. I discovered the show through IMDB. I have to disagree with Jose. I found the show very insightful. I never noticed any similarities to Werner Herzog’s films but after hearing this show, I realise it could be a possibility. Also I always hear people comparing Pixar to DreamWorks but I have never heard anyone ever mention the difference between classic Disney films and Pixar`s movies. I agree that Disney’s classic films are not only better but do also have better villains. I was a little disappointed in your Cars review because it was very short. Aside from that I am pretty satisfied with the show so far and I plan on listening to a few more in the week.

  6. Ricky says

    Jose, as I mention on the show weekly, we always appreciate feedback even if negative. However maybe I should rephrase that by saying that we appreciate feedback both negative and positive as long as it is constructive criticism. For the most part your feedback is helpful. However I can’t change my accent and honestly if I could I wouldn’t. I am proud of my heritage.

    Also Tom, thank you for the kind words. It is nice to know we have so many loyal listeners. However I don’t think we should be attacking Americans. Most of our listeners are from the states.

    All I can say is that you either like our show or you don’t. If not than you can move on to other podcasts. It would be nice to have a new listener on board but this is what you get.

  7. Tom says

    Sorry Jose, but I am a long time listener of this great podcast and I have to say that you are a prick. You claim you are “not hating on them”, but yet you attack them for being Canadian. Good job there buddy. I am quite sure with a name like Jose Gonzalez, you have no accent of your own right?
    In my opinion the guys and girls of Sound On Sight always give just enough of a technical and thorough discussion on the films without going to far and alienating a good portion of listeners who never attended film school.
    Also I do not think anyhow ever said that the character was based on Kirk Douglas. They just said he looked like Kirk Douglas but was inspired from Spencer Tracey. I clearly remember Ricky saying this because I disagree and I felt the main character reminded me of Walter Matthau. I guess maybe you missed that because your ignorant American ass was to busy being distracted by the voices of different cultures.

  8. Jose Gonzalez says

    wow. I would appreciate a bit more Technical or thorough discussion on the film – this is an okay podcast.

    Not being a Canuck, picking up the accent over and over does distract from the conversation. People who discuss “UP” should have seen movies where people are carried off with balloons.

    Just some research prior to the podcasts would help. I’m not hating on you guys, just give some backstory, not keen on saying Kirk Douglas inspired the main character of UP, Carl.

    Let’s discuss Pixar, it sounded great when going along the tangent of “working on reflections, textures” – you’re discussing the pros and cons of Pixar vs. Dreamworks – Pixar seems more organic and working on pushing the technology. Dreamworks seems to be a movie not really pushing the tech.

    1. Christina says

      I do not even understand what Jose is trying to say in his message. Are you quoting the hosts of the show or is it that you just don’t know how to form a proper sentence?

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