Sound On Sight Radio #127 – David Carradine special / Film News

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Two weeks ago, cult film icon David Carradine passed away, so we thought it appropriate to put together a little tribute to the man. While most contemporary viewers know him as Uma Thurman’s titular target in Kill Bill, he had a long and varied career stretching back several decades. He became known in the 1970s principally for his role in TV’s “Kung Fu,” but soon broke out into the film world with a string of prominent roles in offbeat projects; we’ll take a look at three of them – Martin Scorcese’s early film “Boxcar Bertha;” and two films by cult director Paul Bartel, “Cannonball!” and, of course, “Death Race 2000.”

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  1. Yong Kauzlarich says

    Interessanter Post, vielen Dank.

  2. Ricky says

    Just to note that I mentioned on the show that I was seeking out the film Death Sport. I am currently watching it now. AMAZING! Seek it out if you want a good laugh and see Carradine at his worse and best.

  3. Eric Best says

    You guys are right about Tony Scott not making a really good movie since True Romance but John Travolta did star in two good movies since. First he was in Get Shorty and a few years later he starred in Swordfish.

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