Sound On Sight Radio #128: Arthouse on disc / Cannes talk

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Our Peter Greenaway show – that’s episode 112, by the way – turned out to be such a smash that we decided his latest film, Nightwatching, new to DVD, was an essential inclusion for our latest roundup of new arthouse films to hit store shelves. This one’s special, though, because along with a long-overdue chat about Kelly Reichardt’s acclaimed Wendy and Lucy, we’re joined by filmmaker and recurring guest Eduardo Lucatero, who is such a lucky bastard that he got to go to Cannes this year. We’ll be hitting him up for all he’s worth.

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  2. bleuaméricaine says

    Fantastic show! It really works to your advantage to have a Cannes-goer in your recurring visitors. I can’t wait for you guys to get to review some of the movies Eduardo mentioned having seen at the festival. I know you can’t all be Tarantino fans, but surely you cannot pass on that QT special once Inglourious Basterds hits theaters..?

    1. Ricky says

      Well it starts tonight when we review Thirst!

  3. Márcio says

    Great show. I really liked Wendy and Lucy’s cinema vérité style, it’s a slow burner and nothing much really happens but I was still deeply moved by it. I’m going to check out “Old Joy” as soon as I get the chance. I’m really looking forward to see “The White Ribbon” as well as the less recomended “Antichrist” and “Enter the Void”. Either way, a year with new films by Haneke, Noé and Von Trier can’t be that bad of a year for cinema.

    1. Ricky says

      Thanks Marcio. You are turing out to be one of out best listeners!

  4. Anthony Nicholas says

    Good podcast. Eduardo should be on more often.

    1. Ricky says

      Maybe we can replace me with Eduardo. That might just be a good idea!

  5. Ricky says

    On the show we already touched up on the fact that Simon clearly had a very different childhood than the rest of us. I like Taken. I do not think it is a good film but I enjoyed it for what it was.

  6. Tim says

    All of Simon’s hating on Taken is making me think he didnt have the same happy childhood the rest of us did watching Segal, Van Damme, Schwarznegger movies.

  7. Ricky says

    I love Deathpoof. What the hell is Eduardo talking about.

    Also the Ryan Reynolds new movie is actually quite good. Typical of Simon to judge a book by it’s cover once again.

    Maybe I should cancel Michael Bay so we can review The Proposal instead.

    1. Tim says

      Ya I agree. I thought Death Proof was really entertaining and well made.

  8. Alex says

    Lars Von Trier doesn`t use a cinematographer. Have you seen a Lars Von Trier film? Who the hell do you think photographed his dozen films, his plumber?

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