Sound On Sight Radio #129: Dance, Eat, Fight: New Docs on Screen

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The last few weeks have seen an uptick in wide-release documentary activity, so returning guest Derek Gladu joins us to help dissect three of them: Every Little Step, a look at the 1970s and 2000s Broadway productions of A Chorus Line through the eyes of its performers and auditioneers; Food, Inc., the latest in a long line of slick culinary exposés in the vein of Super Size Me, and Tyson, James Toback’s feature on the titular man himself – in his ownwords. Plus, of course, we’ll have all kinds of news items to discuss.

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  3. Jesse says

    James Toback is a great director if he wants to be. Fingers, his first film is great and regardless of your review on Tyson, you guys should check it out. For some reason he decided to become an outsider in the studio system except for maybe writing Bugsy. I did like this film. I find Tyson is an interesting enough character. The problem is that he doesn’t tell us anything new about the man Tyson. Tyson is always very open in his regular interviews so it didn’t bring anything new to the table. I think your enjoyment of this film will depend on your fascination with the man and boxing. The approach of the film is simple. He just lets Tyson talk and talk. The director doesn’t bring in any other voices to add to his story. It’s basically like therapy for Tyson. So I agree with you guys that it was very disappointing even though I did enjoy it to some degree. I feel sorry for Ali for having to watch it. Maybe she should write a letter to James Toback asking for her money back.

  4. Nelson Mandela says

    There were many horrible things I have seen in my life, such as the film Taken, but I have never lost my hope in people, or killed a cat in cold blood.

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