Sound On Sight Radio #133 – A Space Oddity

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The man formerly known as Zowie Bowie, Duncan Jones, has graced us with his first feature film, an ode to atmospheric ’70s sci-fi called Moon, starring Sam Rockwell as an isolated miner living on the titular rock. To celebrate, we’ll be looking at another recent sci-fi throwback, Steven Soderbergh’s take on Stanislaw Lem’s novel Solaris, which was previously adapted into a three-hour film-snob wet dream courtesy of Andrei Tartovsky in 1972.. We’ll also be previewing our insanely dense coverage of the Fantasia Film Festival.

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  2. […] critics along with the Sound On Sight staff have praised Rockwell in reviews through out the year, (Listen to our raving review here). and I would personally like to see him get recognized in some capacity come awards […]

  3. Anonymous says

    How could you not mention Cliff Martinez’s hypnotic and beautiful score for Solaris? Soderbergh said that his interest in the genre lay in the ‘science fiction of ideas rather the science fiction of technology.’ If only more science fiction films today took this approach.

  4. Jenni Roose says

    New favorite quote from Al on Jeremy Davies in Solaris. He is “off center and a little weird”. Sort of how I feel about Al.

    1. Al says


  5. Anthony Nicholas says

    Sad to hear Ali left the show.

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