Fantasia 2009: Sound On Sight Podcast #135

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Comedies are a tricky genre to critique because it all boils down to whether the film in question makes you laugh or not. There is nothing more subjective than comedy, and it is almost impossible for us to break down a joke and tell you why we find it funny; comedy is a serious business, though, so on Episode 135 of Sound On Sight, we will review three of the most unique and bizarre comedies to see recent release. First up is Sacha Baron Cohen’s much-anticipated Bruno; second, a bizarre romantic comedy / torture porn hybrid, Must Love Death; and finally, David Russo’s South By Southwest indie favorite, The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle. (Those last two both premiered here in Montreal at the Fantasia Film Festival.) On this hour, Rick and Simon are joined by recurring guest Chrystina Benyo.



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  2. Beverly says

    I think super straight folks would have similar reactions or even more surprised and amusing reactions if someone who was playing the straight stereotype came out to them. Reinforcing the gay male predator image, like Rick mentioned, is just stupid.

    1. Ricky says

      I think we will be discussing this again on our next show in the feedback section.

      1. Beverly says

        Good :)

  3. Simon H. says

    I still think that if you compare BRUNO, a movie that at least attempts to confront real people with a stereotype they may or may not conform to when they think of homosexuals, you come out with a series of scenes that’s funnier and more transgressive than your average studio comedy. Also, I think it’s far less homophobic than THE HANGOVER.

    1. Simon H. says

      And I’m not just talking about the use of the word “faggot.”

      1. Ricky says

        Simon The Hangover doesn’t have any gay characters much less an ugly gay stereotype. It just had a group of irresponsible straight men who just happen to use the word faggot in one scene. If anything it just shows ignorance on the part of some straight men where as the film Bruno has a character who is supposed to be gay and represent gay men. I guess it’s too hard for an average straight white man to understand how it feels like to experience the extreme prejudice some gay men experience, but regardless that doesn’t give you the right to decide if the gay community should or should not be offended.

        1. Tim says

          I really didn’t find the scene where they say “faggot” in the Hangover that offensive or surprising. It’s one very brief scene and it’s from characters who would realistically say use that word. Plus it wasn’t even being directed at a homosexual.

        2. Simon H. says

          Um, the Asian gangster? Gay, frequently nude? Remember him?

        3. Simon H. says

          Additionally, I very much doubt anyone working on Bruno thought his character “represented” any real homosexuals. And of course I don’t decide who gets to be offended…

          1. Ricky says

            The Asian guy was gay?

  4. Ricky says

    Ramin Setoodeh

    Some members of the gay community have asked if anybody would accept a movie starring Baron Cohen in blackface. Probably not. So why is it appropriate for him to terrorize the nation as a gay stereotype? But that argument misses the problem, which is that his stereotype exists for no reason beyond cheap laughs. A generation of straight teen guys will hit the summer multiplex to hoot at Brüno, and they’ll probably think of the lecherous sexual predator the next time they meet a gay person. That’s not progress. Brüno is a comedy of errors.

  5. Tristan says

    Being an openly gay male myself, I agreed with what Rick had to say to some extent about BRUNO. The film isn’t really doing the gay community any favors. At the same time Sacha Baron Cohen is a character actor, and none of his characters are politically correct in really any way. I used to watch DA ALI G SHOW back when I lived at my mom’s house because she had HBO. I liked it. My favorite character was usually Borat, though after the film got talked about so much I pretty much got sick of him. Bruno was always the character that was least shown on that show, so it was definitely good to see him have his own little film for a change. I did find the film to be really funny and I pretty much laughed constantly, but then again that might have to do with the fact that I don’t have television. I did see the trailer for the film on the internet, but that was so long ago that I don’t even remember what it was like. Overall I wouldn’t say that BRUNO was as funny at the BORAT film, mainly because it has the same basic plotline as BORAT and that was a bit tiresome. Also the character of Bruno is a bit of a douchecookie whereas Borat was completely naive about his misogynistic and racist opinions. I will say, however, that, despite the flaws that the BRUNO film had, it was still a million times better than that terrible ALI G film. That was probably one of the worst films made in the past ten years! Wow…

  6. Tim says

    Overall I though Bruno was a good movie, and was funny. It definitely was definitely lacking in parts though. He should have gone to more fashion shows and exposed more celebrities but I think it suffered from his noteriety. Word obviously got around he was making this movie. In any case it achieved it’s objective of making people laugh and also exposed homophobia in America society. I think you can look at it two ways: either as a homophobic film or comedic exposition of homophobia. I definitely chose the later.

  7. Ian Ratty says

    Hey Guys,

    Just listening to your podcast which i like. You say that Sasha Baron Coen wouldn’t portray a black person. Have you never seen his Ali G character??? That was his first character and he talks about gangsta etc……… nothing is off limits to him, and you just have to take it with a pinch of salt and not take it too serious as i think you guys were really over analysing the character. He is just there to make fun of these people thats it!

    1. Ricky says

      Thanks guys for the feedback. Honestly I wasn’t really upset at the film. I don’t think it is homophobic in any way but I do think it is adding fuel to the fire with certain communities in the states who clearly hate gay people. I was just trying to make the show more interesting by arguing with Simon who by the way was really nervous. I wish you guys could have seen him. But if Bruno can use the gay community to better his film than I can use him has a target too. Honestly though, I really didn’t think it was that funny. I felt all the good jokes except for maybe two were seen in the trailer and I am tired of trailers spoiling movie for me; So much so that I am thinking about avoiding trailers from now on.

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