Fantasia 2009: Sound On Sight Podcast #135


Comedies are a tricky genre to critique because it all boils down to whether the film in question makes you laugh or not. There is nothing more subjective than comedy, and it is almost impossible for us to break down a joke and tell you why we find it funny; comedy is a serious business, though, so on Episode 135 of Sound On Sight, we will review three of the most unique and bizarre comedies to see recent release. First up is Sacha Baron Cohen’s much-anticipated Bruno; second, a bizarre romantic comedy / torture porn hybrid, Must Love Death; and finally, David Russo’s South By Southwest indie favorite, The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle. (Those last two both premiered here in Montreal at the Fantasia Film Festival.) On this hour, Rick and Simon are joined by recurring guest Chrystina Benyo.



Scoring the Silents

Sound On Sight Radio #136 – Fantasia 2009 -Euro Thrills and Spills