Sound On Sight Radio #136 – Fantasia 2009 -Euro Thrills and Spills

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In one of our many specials on this year’s massive Fantasia Film Fest lineup, Sound on Sight takes a look at three of the fest’s European offerings, all of which feature at least a little bloodshed – more likely, a lot. This hour encompasses the much-baunted Norwegian Nazi-zombie splatterfest Dead Snow, German mystery-thriller Kaifeck Murder, and Danish noir-comedy-thriller Terribly Happy.

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  1. Tim says

    Alright it worked for me. But where was the news and trailer talk??

    1. Ricky says

      We don`t think we are going to continue trailer talk. Instead I am just going to mention the hot trailers on the site that people should check out.

      With Ali gone the news is hurting. Right now Anthony is all by himself because Drew is busy. I am looking for someone else to volunteer news stories and I am trying to add things but with everything going on, it is hard for me to keep up. We will have news next week.

  2. Alyssa says

    Thanks! My commute is about an episode so I just had a sad, quiet walk along the mean streets of Boston. Glad to know the fix is up!

    Also – great coverage so far! Keep up the good work.

    1. Ricky says

      Yeah except Simon forgot to mention that Love Exposure if F%/cken Brilliant. I think I saw God watching this film!

    2. Ricky says

      Alyssa, you should cover the Boston film fest for us. I can get your passes if you want!

      1. Alyssa says

        Which one? We have several. Underground, Independent, International, and I think there might be a couple others. Plus special programming at Harvard Film Archive which is essentially a mini-festival.

        We have a wealth of options. Sadly, I still usually stay on the couch. It’s a wicked nice couch.

  3. Márcio says

    What happen to the Podcast covering “Thirst”? You announced it at the endo of the “Bruno” episode but then we get this? Are you guys saving it for next week?

    1. Ricky says

      Episode 137 should be up today – I am placing out of order from the live feed.

  4. Alyssa says

    This episode kinda cuts out on me at 41:24. I’m guessing there are a few more minutes. But the version posted above and in iTunes just ends in the middle of a rant from Rick and Simon about Fantasia as a festival of ideas.

    1. Ricky says

      I think I know what happened. It should be working now. Honestly you only missed nine minutes of us wrapping up the first week of the film festival. Thank you for letting us know it wasn`t working.

    2. Tim says

      Ya same here. The show cut off for me too!

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