Sound On Sight Radio #138 – Fantasia 2009: Lesbian Vampire Killers, Smash Cut & Interviews with Sasha Grey, David Hess & Lee Demarbre

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Fantasia Festival is North America’s premiere (and largest) genre film festival. On Episode 138, we continue our coverage on the 2009 edition with reviews on Lee Demarbre’s new film Smash Cut. In addition we have an interview with the director and stars, David Hess and Sasha Grey. Also we’ll share our views on Lesbian Vampire Killers, I Sell The Dead and the latest entry into the French new wave or horror, Mutants.

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  1. Alyssa says

    Was Al in the punishment corner for part of the show – ’cause Rick’s mic sounded hot and Al’s was not.

    Great reviews and interviews. I hope you are all able to have a little break when Fantasia is over. You must be exhausted!

    1. Ricky says

      Sometimes evil spirits lurk around the station when Al shows up and strange things happen to the electronic equipment.

    2. Al says

      Censorship. My opinions are too controversial. Big Pharma and NASA are trying to keep me quiet.

  2. Ricky says

    I agree with whatever you two are talking about.

  3. Tim says

    Simon is dead on about the state of British music.

    1. Al says

      Venom and Motorhead still exist. Therefore, British music still rules.

      1. Michael H says

        Hi, just wanted to offer an opinion on British music. As a brit I think it is a bit lazy to say English music is largely rubbish. Granted, most of the mainstream stuff is bollocks (like most British films, which are either pale imitations of Ken Loach/Mike Leigh, crap gangster films or inspid romantic comedies) but like most national music scenes if you scratch the surface you’ll find quality. In this case everything from rap/dub (Roots Manuva, New Flesh, The Bug, Burial, Shackleton), electronica (Aphex Twin, Autechre, fuck Buttons) weird folk (Richard Youngs, Current 93)or even “pop”, after a fashion (Bat for Lashes, Antony and the Johnsons). I do like the fact you guys play Canadian music every now and again in the shows, keep flying the flag I say!

        1. Michael H says

          Oh and I forgot Mogwai, Part Chimp, Aidan Moffat, Malcolm Middleton (both from Arab Strap)… I’ll stop now.Promise.

          1. Simon H. says

            I concur – I was only trying to complain about their pop music, which seems especially shrill of late. I fucking LOVE a whole lot of British music. (Hell, Future of the Left’s new album is easily my favorite so far this year.)

            1. Michael H says

              Hell, I was hoping you’d contradict me and we could have another internet war! You’re right about our current output of “popular” music but then again isn’t that true of anywhere (have you ever watched the Euro Vision song contest? It is car crash TV and best support by hard liquor and downers)? I will check out the new Future of the Left album, heard some early stuff, which was pretty cool. Have you heard Part Chimp? Not instantly comparable but if you like your music loud I would give either of their albums a poke.

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