Sound On Sight Radio #140 – Killer Kids In Film

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Generally speaking, children do not belong in the audience at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival, unless you want them to grow up stringing up guts instead of Christmas lights every December. But they do have a place onscreen at the festival, as evidenced by three separate movies about killer kids that played in this year’s edition. Join us for yet another Fantasia special here at Sound on Sight, where we’ll take a look at England’s The Children, the American Orphan, and Eli Roth protégé Paul Solet’s Grace.

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  1. tashana morris says

    i sometimes like killer kids.

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  3. Márcio says

    Great show. Of the three movies covered I’ve only seen “The Children”, I liked it but not as much as you guys, It’s very well made but for some reason I couldn’t get that into it. I guess that after watching “Island of the Damned” all of these killer children movies pale in comparison. Still a good watch though.
    On a side note, the thought of Eli Roth having a protegé scares me to death…

    1. Ricky says

      Well if you had to choose between watching the other two, I would pick Grace. I really hope people will support this film because I think the director has a promising future.

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