Naked Lunch Radio #49 – Bloody Radical part 3

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All kinds of exciting things happen to human flesh in our final show on Fantasia’s new wave of American horror films. It’s harvested in harsh socioeconomic conditions in Darren Lynn Bousman’s passion project Repo! The Genetic Opera. It’s hung up on hooks and stripped like cattle in the much-anticipated Clive Barker adaptation The Midnight Meat Train. (Those last two were both world premieres, folks.) It’s devoured and processed in all kinds of nasty ways in teen zombie comedy Dance of the Dead. Redneck flesh gets an especially grotesque treatment in the exploitation flick Trailer Park of Terror. Finally, it’s dispatched through a number of inventive methods in the suicide cult thriller From Within. Even the Aussies aren’t immune – their new thriller Dying Breed centers around an isolated camp of forest-dwelling cannibals! Much like tofu, however, all of this goremongering isn’t worth much without the right chemistry – do any of these stand up to Ricky and Simon’s high standards? Well, at least one of them doesn’t. Find out which!

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