Naked Lunch Radio #50 – Hot Docs pt.1


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Beginning our newfound pledge to cover more documentary features, we present a full hour of docs we’ve recently taken in – two from the Fantasia festival and one just for the fun of it, and we’ve invited documentary fanatic Derek Gladu to chip in. I Think We’re Alone Now follows two very different social misfits (one a severe Asperser’s case, the other a medical hermaphrodite) who share one common quirk: their love of (and subsequent obsession over) 80’s pop star Tiffany. We’ve got an interview with director Sean Donnelly. Meanwhile, Second Skin is an ambitious look at the world of MMORPG addicts and the ways in which virtual worlds can both wreak havoc upon and occasionally improve reality. Finally, just for kicks, we’ll discuss one of Rick’s favorite recent docs, The Nomi Song, which explores the exploits of legendary German counter-tenor / pop star Klaus Nomi.

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    Why isnt this working? It says file not found.

    1. Ricky D says

      I had to change servers a few weeks ago and I still need to finish transferring all 175 shows. It should take me the next two weeks to complete. Truly sorry about that.

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