Naked Lunch Radio #53 – Days of Thunder


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Spokespeople for the mentally disabled are up in arms over Ben Stiller’s star-studded new comedy, Tropic Thunder, in which Stiller plays an action star who makes an ill-advised attempt at Oscar gold by starring in Simple Jack, whose tagline reads: “Once upon a time…there was a retard.” Paramount’s been forced to remove promotional materials that refer to the film-within-a-film, and some have even called for the movie to be re-edited. When all the hoopla is set aside, however, is there a decent comedy to be found here? As we ponder this, we’ll also take a look back at Inglorious Bastards, Enzo Castellari’s breezy war film about a motley crew of army rejects who find redemption on the battlefield. Quentin Tarantino is mounting a major remake of the film – but will it be worth your time?

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