Naked Lunch Radio #72-A- James Bond (Sean Connery)


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With 1964’s Goldfinger, the third James Bond story to reach the screen, the “Bond formula” had reached maturity. Screenwriter Richard Maibaum, a participant in the scripting of the previous two movies, Dr. No and From Russia with Love, had identified those elements of the series that audiences liked. So, for this film, his storyline (adapted loosely from Ian Fleming’s 1959 novel) enhanced the action sequences, added more beautiful women, gave 007 an Aston Martin loaded with neat gadgets, and offered actor Sean Connery more opportunities to deliver one-liners and act suave.

In Episode 72 of The Naked Lunch Simon and Ricky with a special mystery guest take you on a time warp back before Bond was a house hold name. We’ll review the original Bond films with the original Bond, and discuss the early building blocks of the franchise.

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